7 Questions You Should Ask A Potential Employee

Interviewing someone for an opening within your company can be tricky. There are some questions that you are not allowed to ask because of legal issues. Forgetting to ask certain types of questions can cause your business to hire the wrong kind of employee. What are some questions you want to ask potential future employees of your company?

1. What Attracted You To The Company?
You want to find out why a candidate applied for the job. This will help to weed out anyone who just applied because a job was available. You want to make sure that anyone who may be a potential employee is also a good fit with everyone else who works there. An employee who is not passionate about the job may start to negatively influence other employees as well.

2. Where Do You See Yourself In…?
Asking this type of question gets the candidate thinking about how this job fits his long-range plans. Hiring an employee who wants to stay around for awhile can allow you to cut down on training costs. Certain people may also have goals such as moving from sales to human resources in the future. Allowing an employee to perform different jobs can help them learn and grow. This valuable experience will give them the insight they will need to move up in the company.

3. How Well Do You Handle Adversity?
Adversity is common on the job. How is your new employee going to handle himself when things are going wrong during the day? How a person responds to adversity is an indication of their true character. An employer needs to make sure that your future employee is not going to become irate with a customer or fellow employee. It could give your company a bad reputation in the community.

4. What Kind Of Power Would You Want If You Were A Superhero?
Throw your candidate a little swerve during the interview. This type of question shows how well your candidate can think on his feet. It also exposes the creative side of your potential candidate. Creativity is what leads to innovation in business.

5. Tell Me A Story About A Time…
The ability to talk about how a skill set was applied will help a candidate prove his worth. Knowing that an employee has experience in the working world is a big plus. The last thing you need is an employee who talks a good game but has no skill to back it up. The ability to chat up the boss is not going to translate to more production on the factory floor.

6. Why Are You Leaving Your Last Job?
Listen carefully to the explanation given. A good candidate will simply say it was time to move on to a new experience. A candidate who expresses any hard feelings toward a former employer in an interview is probably not worth your time. Talking poorly about a previous employer is a good indicator that this candidate will do the same thing to you when he leaves your company.

 7. How Important Is Customer Service To You
Your candidate should understand the importance of customer service. No business is going to survive without its customers. Ask your candidate to name some things that make up good customer service in his mind to make sure it aligns with your company’s customer service policy.

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