HR’s Role in Maintaining Morale

Human resources work can be intensely rewarding, but as anyone who’s been in HR for more than a day knows, it also involves some challenges. Morale is one of the ongoing concerns HR directors face; let morale dip too low or stay marginal for too long, and you risk losing some of your top talent. […]

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HR Essentials Every New Director Needs to Know

When people are your business, it’s a challenge to step into a new office and handle your workplace with ease. For most HR directors, the first 90 days on the job are the toughest. That’s when you’re still getting to know your personnel and feeling out what your new responsibilities will be. While there is […]

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How the New Overtime Is Changing the Landscape

The Department of Labor has announced sweeping changes to overtime pay for salaried employees, and while those changes don’t go into effect until December 1, smart businesses are planning now for implementation. The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, dramatically increases the salary benchmark below which salaried employees must be paid overtime. Currently, any employee […]

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Are Your Organization’s Employees Feeling Rewarded?

You may have benefits and compensation packages that are competitive, but if your company’s employees don’t feel recognized and appreciated, your top talent could still be at risk of leaving. In some industries, that’s a very big deal; as unemployment rates fall, employees can afford to be choosier about their options, and headhunters reap a […]

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Find Your Next Marketing Rock Star

Everyone matters in your organization, whether they work in the accounting office or are front and center at the reception desk. One of the most important people you’ll hire is your marketing strategist. Your marketing team generates the revenue that makes everything else run, so choosing the right person for the job is essential. How […]

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Which Kind of HR Director Are You?

Directors have their movie making styles, coaches have their play styles, and CEOs have their management styles. Great HR directors also bring their personal leadership styles into the office with them, and the kind of HR leader you are has a big influence on everything from hiring your team to the company culture you build. […]

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What Are Your Personnel’s Priorities?

How do you reward your organization’s top performers? What attracts talented candidates to your business? Do you know what your company’s personnel weigh before deciding to stay with you or take another position at a competing firm? Those are questions every HR director should be asking. Cost management, benefit allocation, and talent retention are primary […]

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The Subtle Art of Self-Promotion

Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to most people. We’re raised to think of humility, self-effacement, and modesty as virtues – and they might be, but not when job-hunting. Whether you’re offering advice to employees hoping to move up in the organization or seeking a new HR position yourself, knowing how to market a candidate is a […]

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Making Workplace Wellness a Priority

Policies for sick time are important considerations, but the trend for HR directors in most organizations now is toward helping employees stay well in the first place. When people stay healthy, they stay productive, so it’s in your company’s best interest to institute workplace wellness programs. The key to successful implementation is rewarding participation; the […]

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Measuring Candidates’ Soft Skills

Whether they’re in marketing or manufacturing, every employee in your organization needs specific job knowledge. These hard skills might include analytical ability, industry experience, programming language knowledge, or digital savvy, but they’re quantifiable. You can spot them on a resume or test them in action. Soft skills are just as important but much harder for […]

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