The Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Needs to Ask

Every hiring director wants to find the question that will unleash a torrent of useful information from candidates, but finding that question is another matter. In the early 2000s, the trend was toward tricky questions that seemed more like Zen koans than interview conversations. Thankfully, these irrelevant questions are fading from fashion, but businesses still […]

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How to Handle Unhappy Personnel

In a perfect world, every employee would feel fulfilled and well compensated, every manager would work seamlessly with subordinate personnel, and everyone would get along. Because we don’t live in a perfect world, HR directors sometimes need to adopt a number of roles designed to boost the office happiness quotient. As cheerleaders, peacekeepers, and negotiators, […]

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Take Your Pick: How to Attract More Qualified Applicants

As the economy strengthens and unemployment rates fall, many HR directors are seeing fewer resumes in their in-boxes. While that can be a good thing if you’ve been deluged with applicants, a slow-down in applications could also mean a decline in the number of highly qualified new hires you find. Just going for quantity isn’t […]

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Turning Employees into Teachers

One of the greatest assets HR directors can give their organizations is finding new talent to stay ahead of the curve. The good news is that you may not even need to look outside the company to find a wealth of educators and content creators. You have a stable of experts at your disposal already; […]

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Restructuring HR Priorities

HR departments have an identity crisis in the modern workplace. Once viewed as largely administrative structures, HR teams now play a vital role in C-level executive decisions too. As workplaces increasingly prioritize knowledge, skill, and innovation over tenure and the status quo, the people responsible for finding bright new talent and retaining top performers have […]

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Tailoring Training to a Millennial Audience

All the virtual and actual ink writers have spilled about how to reach millennials in the workplace might suggest they’re a challenging audience to connect with, but the truth is that they aren’t far off from the generations who went before them. Defined as people who have come of age since the turn of the […]

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Building a Better Recognition Program

It’s no secret that recognition is key to retaining your top talent, keeping employees motivated and getting the best work from your organization’s staff. Instituting a formal recognition program used to be as simple as creating an employee-of-the-month award or offering a bonus to top performers. While these tried and true methods still work well, […]

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Finding Your Perfect Fit for Job Candidates

It’s an old adage about relationships that holds true for the professional world too: There’s a lid for every pot. Finding the right lids for your company’s particular pots, though, is more of a challenge for HR directors who often have more cookware than they can handle. To find job candidates who seem tailor-made for […]

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Hiring Trends for 2015

Economic forecasts are promising, and for many organizations, that means hiring managers and HR directors should plan for a busy 2015. Technology, the gig economy and an increased emphasis on qualifying candidates might influence how you find your brightest new talent, so think about how you’re going to handle an expanded workforce now so you’ll […]

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Get Your Employees to Re-Engage

It’s a truth that many HR directors don’t like to face: Employees who suffer from burn-out don’t always move on to another position or company. Instead, they disengage from their work and focus on the paycheck. People who no longer feel an intrinsic urge to excel and just put in their hours are a drain […]

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