How to Hire from Your Competition

For HR directors, competition is a strange dynamic. You want the best and brightest for your organization, but you also get to know more than most executives about your competitors’ staff members. Hiring from other companies seems like a no-brainer – you strengthen your team while taking the competition down a notch – but it […]

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Climbing the HR Ladder: Where Do You Go from Here?

When HR directors talk about upward mobility and the rewards of excellence, they’re probably thinking about their organization’s personnel. What about HR professionals who also have high aspirations? What do you do when you’re the one who wants to move up to a corner office with a view? Whether you choose to move on or […]

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The 5 HR Skills Every Manager Needs

For those outside the field, HR may seem static, but ask any HR director: It’s a dynamic role that has already seen sweeping changes and promises to evolve at an ever-accelerating pace in the future. With all the technological advances and new ways of thought affecting Human Resources, it can be challenging to keep up […]

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Building a Better Employee Retention Strategy

Vetting resumes and interviewing candidates are certainly part of your job description, but those steps are just the beginning of a long journey you’ll take with new hires as they become senior personnel. Finding the right employee is only a small part of a more challenging proposition: keeping that talented newcomer happy. Recruiting without developing […]

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An HR Director’s Guide to Working with Freelancers

The growth of the virtual workplace and the varied tasks a company might ask of its personnel has led to a boom in freelance work. For HR directors, that’s great news. Freelancers give your organization access to a tremendously broad range of skills without too many major risks. Find a Freelancer When you post a […]

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Hiring the Class of 2014 – What HR Directors Need to Know

Every new student who graduates hopes to find a great job straight out of college, and the optimism of graduates who excelled in school is well-founded. High GPAs and internships win interviews; despite what newspapers report about recent college graduates moving back home to start an unending job search while waiting tables in the meantime, […]

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How to Keep Your Company’s Top Performers

Turnover isn’t necessarily a negative, but when your organization deals with constant churn or regularly loses its best performers, it could be a concern. While new personnel bring in new ideas, you need to keep a few of your brightest around long enough to mentor new arrivals. Ideally, your turnover should affect the middle-of-the-road performers […]

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Progressive Policies: Why This Isn’t Your Father’s HR Department

HR directors can be forgiven for occasionally feeling as though they’re principals in a particularly unruly high school, particularly when untangling thorny personnel problems or requiring a doctor’s note for high absenteeism. The problem with that outlook is that employees often live down to expectations when they’re treated with the same rigid rules and outdated […]

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HR by the Numbers: Figures Your CEO Needs to Know

Metrics and data sound more like tools for the IT department or possibly production than for human resources, but HR directors also rely on compiling and analyzing information to make key decisions. With HR metrics, you and your CEO use the same yardstick to quantify and measure progress. Firm data is essential for monitoring employee […]

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Managing Employees Who Don’t Fit the Mold

HR directors face a quandary when dealing with some employees in creative and highly technical fields. Often, the very creativity that’s such an asset in the workplace can also lead to isolation or friction. The quirky genius is such a common trope that it appears in cartoons and comedies, but dealing with unusual people isn’t […]

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